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FINNLO rowing machine

Rowing machines for strength and stamina training

FINNLO Rudergeräte

Rowing machine information - Did you know...

  • ... that one hour of rowing burns about 700 calories?
  • ... that 80 percent of all the major muscle groups are involved in the flowing movements of rowing?
  • ... that rowing is one of the healthiest sports ever, and can be done at any age?
  • ... that risk of injury is particularly low while rowing because of the smooth and shock-free movements?
Rudergerät Training

Training examples

Why is rowing important?

How do I practice correct?


Find out why rowing is important, how a real rowing movement looks like and how to motivate yourself for the rowing training.

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technologies of rowing machines


Discover the technologies of rowing machines of the FINNLO Aquon series! The professional seat height of 50 cm and the FINNLO-typical combination technique of magnetic and air resistance make the rowing experience unique!

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Profi Ruderer


Read our numerous reviews to our "Aquon series" and convince yourself of the quality.

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Rudergerät Videos


Get to know the rowing machines of the brand FINNLO and discover tips, innovations and exercises for your workout at home. Moritz Tellman - doctor and personal trainer - explains how to train properly.

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Workout on a rowing machine - your benefits

Rowing is important for a strong and healthy back! But the training on the rowing machine has many other advantages, too! Here is some insider information about "training on the rowing machine":

FINNLO Rowers - Our models

Beginner model
Aluminum rail: 140 cm
Strap: 200 cm
Class HA
17 training programs
1 competition program against computer
Rudergerät Aquon XTR 2

Rower FINNLO Aquon XTR 2

The perfect model for first steps into the rowing training. The Aquon XTR2 ensures efficiently and controlled rowing workout at home.

The rowing training on the FINNLO Aquon XTR 2 is extremely close to the real rowing on the water. The distance of the footrest is only 9 cm - an absolute peak value compared to competitive models. With this minimal pedal distance, the rowing machine is very close to a professional rowing boat. You sit on a comfortable sport seat at a height of about 50 cm, this also reminds of professional rowing equipment. The proven FINNLO technology combination of magnetic and air resistance creates a uniquely smooth and Aquon-typical resistance, that can be very precisely adjusted by the rowing machine. This innovative technology ensures a very quiet flow of movement with professional quality. The ball-bearing mounted comfort seat glides noiselessly on a solid aluminum rail. The comfortable handlebar ensures non-slip grip, even with intensive training sequences. Because of the folding mechanism, the rowing machine can be folded to a minimum dimension of 130 x 60 x 170 cm and can be stored with minimum space requirements.

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Pro Plus
The all-rounder
Aluminum rail: 145 cm
Strap: 225 cm
Class SA
23 training programs
5 competition programs against computer
Extra wide base
Resistance adjustable directly on the rowing handlebar
Rudergerät Aquon Pro Plus

Rower FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus

In Aquon Pro Plus latest technologies are applied. The resistance can be changed quickly and easily directly on the rowing handlebar. The all-rounder among the rowing machines!

You want to train intensively even in bad weather? So, row with FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus rowing machine. That means rowing at the highest level; endurance and strength training are well connected with each other. Both, the cardiovascular systems, as well as all other major muscle groups are trained on the rowing ergometer Aquon Pro Plus. That’s why you reach high calorie consumption even with a short training session, which supports you in weight loss and body shaping.

Special features of rowing machine Aquon Pro Plus: The resistance can optionally be changed directly on the handlebar. In this way the intensity can be adjusted comfortably and fast without releasing the handlebar. In conjunction with the blue digital display, that permanently shows the 11 performance variables, the exercise monitor is very clear. Especially with an intense workout, it is important to always have an eye on the display to check the rowing section and the performance.

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Rowing machines offer the optimal solution for all who want to stabilize their bloodstream with specific training and simultaneously improve physical fitness. By training with a rowing machine, the whole body is trained, because around 80 percent of all major muscle groups are involved in the flowing movements of the training.

In addition rowing machines train each muscle group very joint-friendly due to the shock-free and smooth movements. As a result, the risk of injury in rowing is particularly low. Power and endurance are equally regarded during training and make the entire cardiovascular system stronger. In addition to improved endurance performance and strengthened muscles, the bodyweight reduction is another positive effect of training using a rowing machine.

The training can be absolved at any age and is recommended for both men and women. In one hour of rowing about 700 calories are consumed, because the whole body is involved in the training. The physical effort works against the loss of muscle mass, which is often associated with an ordinary diet. Due to the mild stress of each major muscle group the training on a rowing machine is used in order to train specific muscle groups. Especially back problems that get increasingly common can be effectively fought against with regular exercise on a rowing machine. Back pain often results from inadequately trained back muscles; these can be effectively trained with regular rowing, no matter if using a rowing machine, or on the water. The entire trunk musculature, including the core muscles, are trained, which stabilizes the spine and back pain can so be prevented in the future.

Who trains on a FINNLO rowing machines will get a real rowing feeling and a unique rowing experience. The high quality of FINNLO rowing machines, as well as the typical FINNLO combination technique of magnetic and air resistance, make FINNLO rowing machines a special training device and are recommended for those who are not only looking for a high quality rowing machine, but also have the claim to train holistic and innovative.