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FINNLO rowing machine / Ergometer Aquon Pro Plus

Our rowers of FINNLO! We will introduce the three models a little closer here: the rowing machine FINNLO Aquon XTR 2, the Aquon Pro and also the Aquon Pro Plus with all their details are compared. Further information on technology of rowing machines or videos can be found on our other pages. We also prepared for you exciting training tips from our professionals and client opinions and reviews.

FINNLO Rudergerät / Ergometer Aquon Pro Plus

FINNLO rowing machine / Ergometer Aquon Pro Plus

Developed and used by professional rowing athletes, world champions and gold medalists. The choice of professionals!

Rowing training with the FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus promotes endurance and strength equally, so the body is perfectly defined with only one form of training. The realistic rowing supports the cardiovascular system, builds up muscles, and effectively prevents back problems. What makes the Aquon Pro Plus special: The training resistance can be adjusted directly on the handlebar.

Computer Aquon Pro Plus

Training monitor with professional features and high-contrast, modern Black Backlight display:

The intensity of the workout can be optional adjusted between 30 and 300 watts. The load control is very precise due to the premium resistor technology used in the Pro Plus Aquon. Accordingly, the Aquon Pro Plus is an Ergometer of Class SA (according to DIN EN 957 - 1/7).

The resistance control is made via computer and is realized using the high-end black backlight display. Alternatively, the intensity can be set directly on the handlebar. So you do not have to stop during your rowing motion to set the computer, you just continue the training comfortably. This makes the Aquon Pro Plus rowing ergometer unique in competitive comparison. In correspondence with the blue digital display, which shows 11 power levels permanently, the exercise monitor is very clear.

Especially with an intense workout, it is important to always being able having an eye on the display to check the rowing section and the performance. This is realized due to the continuous inclinable display which is well visible from any rowing position. The side arm of the computer is longer, compared to other rowing machines on the market, so that the training data are always well visible during the whole rowing motion.

The training display keeps all important data ready:

  • Time in hours, minutes, seconds
  • Distance
  • Time per 500 m
  • Intensity in watts
  • Beats per minute
  • Impact Total
  • Training Program
  • Heart rate
  • Calorie consumption

4 racetracks (competition programs against the computer) provide you a daily challenge, varied training and fitness fun at home. The training against the computer allows you an almost unconscious, but particularly effective way of constantly increasing the performance.

One of the competition programs can be individually programmed and adapted to your own needs. Thus your training options are almost unlimited.

Aquon Pro Plus Kombinationstechnik

Approved braking technology of magnetic and air resistance:

The well-proven and unique combination technology of magnetic and air resistance is used with all top machines of FINNLO. This technique gives you an absolutely real rowing experience, because the intensity increases as a function of training speed and traction. This intensity profile is generated by the integrated wind wheel and reflects the feeling of rowing on water exactly. At the same time the trainee feels the upcoming air vortex like airstream and so receives a refreshing cooling. The air flow can be switched on or off via a sliding mechanism.

The brake system is completed by the magnetic resistance. Even with low pull power, high braking force can be achieved in this way. The resistance systems complement each other perfectly and provide the FINNLO typical smooth and long-lasting quiet movement.

Aquon Pro Plus Sitz

Compactness and Accessories:

The aluminum roll bar can be placed vertically with its built-in folding mechanism. As a result, the rowing machine can be stored well in tight spaces. In addition, the transport rollers facilitate maneuvering in a room. Even in bad weather or in wintertime it is possible to workout besides watching ones favorite TV show. You just move your rowing ergometer Aquon Pro in front of your TV, swapping your TV chair with the comfort seat of your rowing machine and off you go. You save time and also support your health besides.

The ball-bearing seat is very comfortable and is on a professional seat height of 50 cm. This creates a natural rowing feeling, a smooth motion and also facilitates entry and exit. The footrests can also be adapted to different shoe sizes.

The footrests distance of Aquon Pro Plus rower is only 9 cm. This makes the rowing motion especially ergonomic and reminds of professional rowing boats.

Aquon Pro Plus geklappt

Product Details:

  • Ergometer Class SA (according to DIN EN 957 - 1/7), developed and used by professional rowing athletes, gold medalist and World Champions
  • Load control: speed-independent
  • Intensity adjustable from 30-300 watts
  • Resistance adjustment directly on the rowing handlebar for convenient and rapid change of resistance
  • Pedal distance of only 9 cm
  • Professional seat height of 50 cm
  • A combination technique of magnetic and air resistance (computer-controlled)
  • Display of time, watts, level, beats per minute, program, pulse, total strokes, time at 500 m, distance and calories
  • LCD Display: black backlight
  • 11 permanent displays, 12 fitness programs, 2 interval programs, 4 heart rate programs, 5 racetracks (competition programs against the computer), including one competition program individually programmable
  • Training requirements adjustable
  • 4 users storable
  • Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps (chest strap optional)
  • Continuously inclinable training computer with extra long computer arm
  • Extra long strap of 225 cm and an aluminum rail with a length 145 cm suitable for body sizes from 1.50 to over 2 meters
  • Adjustable footrests also suitable for large shoe sizes
  • Premium aluminum carrier for smooth rowing movements and maximum stability
  • Ball-bearing comfort seat for extra long rowing sequences
  • Integrated transport wheels
  • Maximum weight: 150 kg
  • Power supply: AC adapter, 230 volt
  • Folded dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 148 x 51 x 196
  • Mounted dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 249 x 51 x 98
  • Color: silver / black
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