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FINNLO rowing machine / Ergometer Aquon XTR 2

Our rowers of FINNLO! We will introduce the three models a little closer here: the rowing machine FINNLO Aquon XTR 2, the Aquon Pro and also the Aquon Pro Plus with all their details are compared. Further information on technology of rowing machines or videos can be found on our other pages. We also prepared for you exciting training tips from our professionals and client opinions and reviews.

FINNLO Rudergerät / Ergometer Aquon XTR 2

FINNLO rowing machine / Ergometer Aquon XTR 2

FINNLO Aquon Series: The choice of the Olympic champion and two-time world champion Maximilian Reinelt.

By rowing with the XTR 2 Aquon you train endurance and power in one training session. 80% of all muscles are trained. In this way you reach a calorie consumption of about 700 kcal per hour - an absolute peak value. At the same time you improve your endurance and you prevent back problems.

Computer Aquon XTR 2

Expansive training computer - clear and easy to use:

Compared to the previous model Aquon XTR, the training on Aquon XTR 2 computer has been further improved and is equipped with 4 additional pulse programs. So you can train at home even more efficient and varied.

You are able to set the intensity optional between 30 and 300 watts and connect it with several training specifications. You set the monitor to a certain watt level and you can be sure that - no matter how strong or fast you pull - you train on this preset watt value in a controlled manner. 4 professional pulse programs provide controlled and safe cardiovascular training. With setting the maximum pulse, the resistance is automatically adjusted by your rowing machine when you get above or under this value. Endurance and health training at the highest level!

The LCD display features a high quality, modern blue backlight, and displays the following output values:

  • Time in hours, minutes, seconds
  • Distance in meters and kilometers
  • Time per 500 m
  • Intensity by Watt
  • Beats per minute
  • Beats Total
  • Training Program
  • Pulse
  • Calories burned

The HiTech blue backlight display shows all training facts easy to read, pleasing to the eye and can also be seen perfectly in the dark.

As mentioned above, the power adjustment is computer controlled and can be set between 30 and 300 Watt individually. A total of 12 fitness training programs and one competition program against the computer with speed-independent load control in a range of 16 steps are available for the trainee. Automatic programs simplify the daily training and provide the necessary motivation. A competition against the computer makes a lot of fun and you will see how you improve your performance week after week.

While workout it is important to always keep an eye on the training computer in order to control the performance requirements and the pulse. Thanks to the infinitely inclinable display that is possible without any problems. The extra long designed and height adjustable monitor arm allows the perfect overview for the entire rowing motion, also for smaller people or wearer of glasses.

Aquon XTR 2 Kombinationstechnik

Approved technology combination of magnetic and air resistance:

With Aquon XTR 2 FINNLO has placed reliance upon the proven technology and FINNLO typical combination of magnetic and air resistance. The air resistance absolutely contributes to a real steering feeling: with pulling a wind wheel is driven, which increases the intensity depending on pulling speed and pulling power. At the same time the trainee perceives the emerging vortex flow as light and refreshing wind. This airflow can be switched on or off variably.

In addition to the air resistance a magnetic brake system is integrated. The magnetic brake allows very precisely setting the resistance, with which high braking forces can be achieved also at low pulling speed. In combination the resistance technologies create a permanent liquid and smooth motion. So, a variable and realistic training is possible at the same time.

Aquon XTR 2 Sitz

Additional equipment and adjustment:

The ball-bearing comfort seat glides noiselessly over the aluminum rail and allows a comfortable sitting position even for longer training sessions.

The Rower Aquon XTR 2 has a high quality aluminum rail of 200 cm and a strap of 140 cm for flexible use in body sizes from 1.50 to over 2 meters.

The footrests are mounted flexibly and adapt automatically to any rowing movement. Adjustable loops and step plates ensure an optimum and nonskid footing for all body sizes and leg lengths. The modern design in black and silver can be optimally integrated into any living environment. With transportation rollers the rowing machine Aquon XTR 2 can be moved comfortably and with a folding mechanism it can be folded upwards and be stored space-saving.

Aquon XTR 2 geklappt

Product Details:

  • Ergometer class HA (according to DIN EN 957 - 1/7)
  • Intensity adjustable from 30-300 watts
  • Load control: speed-independent
  • A combination technique of magnetic and air resistance (computer-controlled)
  • 8 permanent display, 12 automatic fitness programs, 4 pulse programs and 1 race program against the computer for perfect training motivation
  • Display of time, watts, level, beats per minute, program, pulse, total strokes, time at 500 m, distance and calories
  • 2-color HiTech blue backlight LCD display with clear large display
  • Training specification adjustable, memory for 4 persons
  • Integrated pulse receiver for chest straps (chest strap optional)
  • Continuously inclinable training computer
  • Adjustable and inclinable professional foot rests with straps
  • Ball-bearing comfort seat
  • Long aluminum rail for body sizes from 1.50 to over 2 meters
  • On-Off switch of wind / air flow
  • Integrated transportation wheels, foldable
  • Power supply: AC adapter, 230 volt
  • Maximum body weight: 130 kg
  • HA class (according to DIN EN 957 - 1/7)
  • Folded dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 133 x 43 x 166
  • Mounted dimensions (L x W x H) cm: 243 x 43 x 105
  • Color: silver / black
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